Double Glazing in Cornwall: How We Keep Homes Comfortable

Double glazing has become incredibly popular in recent years for homes across Cornwall due to the energy efficiency and noise reduction benefits it provides. With our county’s older, drafty building stock, adding an extra layer of glazing can make a big difference in comfort and savings on energy bills. The improved insulation also helps retain warmth in the colder months. No wonder new double glazing installations are in high demand!

Just as important, existing double glazing requires maintenance and repairs over time. The seals around the window panes can break down, causing condensation and drafts to form. The window mechanisms can grow stiff and shaky. Rather than replacing the entire window, specialist double glazing repair services can fix these issues at a lower cost. With Cornwall exposed to salty coastal conditions, repairs are commonly needed to restore older units and keep homes comfortable. Our experienced technicians offer thorough double glazing repairs county-wide.

Between new installations and repair work, our double glazing specialists stay busy year-round improving homes across Cornwall. Get in touch to learn about our services!

Has your home’s double glazing system seen better days? Unfortunately, wear and tear take a toll over the years. But fixing minor issues early on can stop more headaches down the road. Watch for these common double glazing repair signs around your Cornwall property:

  • Condensation Between the Panes – This moisture usually means the insulating seal has broken. Letting the issue linger allows window framing to rot.
  • Draftiness – If you feel cold air leaking around the windows, the seals have likely damaged. Time for some seal replacements.
  • Noisy Rattling – Older double glazing can grow loose and rattle within the frame when it’s windy out. This annoyance signals loose glazing needing tightened up.
  • Broken Latches & Handles – With people opening and closing windows daily, handles and latches weaken over time. But these components are easy repairs.

While replacing the entire window is an option for upgrades, restoring your existing double glazing often makes more financial sense. Our engineers specialise in all types of double glazing repairs to fix broken seals, handle issues, and improve energy efficiency.

They Understand Cornish Building Challenges

Our uniquely sunny yet gusty peninsula poses some specific challenges. Quality installers understand aspects like properly sealing the putty around older weighted sashes or choosing the optimal glass type to limit heat gain in our hot summers. They’ve handled quirks in Cornish housing for decades. Ensure prospective companies have specialized expertise meeting local building conditions.

They Serve Your Part of Cornwall

While a company may offer “county-wide” service, smaller outfits realistically concentrate more toward central hubs. Make sure they commit to providing regular service calls to your area for efficiency’s sake when repairs become necessary down the road. Local showrooms and warehouses also facilitate quicker installation timelines.

Strong Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

While online reviews also help, the direct testimonials from other homeowners in Cornwall carry extra weight regarding quality of work and professionalism. Solicit referrals from neighbours, friends, or other tradespeople. Check endorsement from past customers in areas with housing stock similar to yours.

If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable double glazing installation and repair company that understands the nuances of working on homes in Cornwall, Cornwall Window Repairs has the expertise to meet your needs.

We have provided exceptional double glazing services across Cornwall for over 10 years. Our qualified technicians have collectively installed and repaired thousands of double glazing units across virtually every type of home in the area over that time. Past customers continually cite our responsiveness, quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and reliable follow-up service when issues arise.

When it comes to understanding and properly handling Cornish building conditions, no company matches our specialised expertise. We work effectively on everything from modern new builds to centuries-old stone cottages near the coast that pose multiple installation challenges requiring creative solutions.

We also develop honest relationships with homeowners and take pride in only recommending appropriate double glazing upgrades suited to their specific needs and budget. Our intention is always on providing real added value, not just making a quick sale.

Contact us today to discuss your double glazing project. Whether an installation or repair need, we’re ready to assist homes across Cornwall just like your neighbours have relied on us over the past decade.

Whether an upcoming installation or noticed signs of needing repairs, reliable double glazing is a home upgrade staple across Cornwall. With over 10 years’ experience enhancing homes in this unique coastal environment, Cornwall Window Repairs has the expertise to make your project a success. From perfectly sealed new double glazed sashes to restoring your existing units’ operation, our technicians combine specialized skills working on Cornish housing with exceptional service quality.

Contact Cornwall Window Repairs today to get started making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. We look forward to helping homeowners across Cornwall enjoy warmer, quieter indoor spaces through double glazing enhancements finely tuned to handle this special peninsula’s conditions. Get in touch and step toward greater savings and coziness!

What types of glass do you use?

We utilise a variety of high performance low-emissivity and acoustic glass options from leading European brands dependent on your budget and needs. Many also have decorative finishes.

Do your Do you offer financing options?windows come with any guarantees?

Yes, all installations include a 10-year manufacturer defect warranty. We also guarantee our workmanship for 5 years and will address any installation-related issues.

How long does a typical double glazing installation or repair take?

For a full window replacement, allow 2-3 days depending on the home. Basic repairs we can usually complete in just a few hours.

How much disruption will double glazing repairs/installation cause?

We take careful steps to protect your home, only work in one room at a time, and thoroughly clean up afterwards. The improvement will be worth it!

Can you service listed historical buildings?

Yes, we have experience working approved enhancements safely on older listed homes requiring heritage approvals.

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